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Sun Lens Options

Welcome to our Sunwear Technology Page!

Recently Doctors and the Optical Industry have been putting a very heavy emphasis on the importance of sunwear in our daily lives.
Because of a number of factors, we are becoming exposed to a higher and more dangerous amount of ultra-violet radiation. This has a very quantifiable impact on the health of our eyes, which is why it is becoming much more important for everyone to have a quality pair of sunglasses.

Therefore we have made it a priority to carry all of the latest advances in Sunwear technology.

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Sun Lens Options


When light bounces off of a flat surface such as a road or water, the light changes direction and becomes polarized. Horizontal polarized light waves create a high level of glare; mainly because they are vibrating in a uniform direction. This glare can be uncomfortable, diabling and potentially temporarily blinding.
Most people have experienced all of these incidences of glare. Under normal conditions it takes roughly 1/4 of a second to react to a "driving visual incident"; driving at 60mph, you would have traveled 22 feet! Under high glare situations your reaction time is reduced to more than 1.4 seconds. Thats over 5 times as long! Hopefully this explains how important reducing glare from your daily driving is.

A polarized lens has a filter laminated within the lens to completely block horizontal reflected light. Therefore eliminating nearly 99% of reflected glare!

Polarized Lens Options

Polarized lenses come in a wide variety of colors, each having its own unique characteristics

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Drivewear Lenses are among the highest technological advances in Sunwear.
They are polarized and have a feature that allows them to adjust to the amount of visible light they are in contact with. That is, they darken when its brighter and lighten when its overcast or lower-light conditions.

Drivewear has 3 main color states that it reaches

To Learn More about Drivewear Visit the Drivewear Webpage

Click To Learn More about Polarization


Photochomic Lenses darken when they are exposed to UV Light and lighten when UV Light is taken away. Photochromic lens create a very comfortable tint when out in the sun. However the main problem with Photochromics is that they do not darken behind the windshield of a car; a car's windshield blocks about 99% of UV light.
Photochromic lenses should be a nice complement to a good pair of polarized sunglasses, not a replacement.

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