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More On "Free-Form" Progressive Lenses:

Free-Form Progressive Lenses


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Lovejoy Optimum

Free-Form Progressive Lenses

"Experience Your Vision in a Whole New Way"

Some of the most exciting technological advances in optical lenses have happened in the last 2 years. The latest being the introduction of Free-Form progressive lenses

Free-Form Progressive Lenses Eliminate Distortion

Free-Form Progressive lenses like Seiko's "Succeed" and the New "Lovejoy Optimum" from Laramy-K Optical have revolutionized the optical industry. These lenses give the wearer maximum visual fields, especially in the distance and in the near zones.
Not only do these new lenses enhance the useful portions of the lens, they also make adapting to the lens easier than ever.

A good percentage of people have tried progressive lenses in the past and simply could not wear them, describing feelings of sway and unsettled stomachs. These feelings are a thing of the past! The latest lenses have virtually eliminated peripheral distortion and "swim" from the lens edges, giving the patient the most optically pure and precise lens on the market today.

seiko free form lenses

Lovejoy Optimum

"Experience Your Vision in a Whole New Way"

The "Lovejoy Optimum" uses the latest in Free-Form Technology and has been designed exclusively for Lovejoy Opticians.

Benefits of the "Lovejoy Optimum" include:

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