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Say Hi To EyeBobs!

Wednesday Oct. 8th, 2014

We are proud to announce our newest line of fun, fashonable Reading glasses. The EyeBobs collection mixes function with the latest in eyewear trends. With over 100 styles to choose from it should be no trouble to find a "Bob" that fits your groove.

EyeBobs are not just functional reading glasses. The frames are designed using fine acetate materials and can be used as a complete RX compatible frame. Yes, you can put your custom prescription in a stylish EyeBobs frame!

EyeBobs reading glasses come in all common "add" powers from +100 all the way through +350. This means that almost anyone is suited for an EyeBobs look. Because of the wide range in reading powers, these can also be used as computer glasses or general "task" glasses.

Please visit our Frames page for more information on our primary frame brands and links to company websites

Are Your Eyes Protected?

Wednesday Oct. 19th, 2011

Are your eyes getting the protection they need? One of the primary causes to early-onset Cataracts is prolonged exposure to ultra violet light (UV). With the continued depletion of our ozone layer, we are exposed to considerably more UV light than we were even 10 years ago. Nationwide statistics show that only about 20% of prescription eyewearers also own prescription sunglasses. That means roughly 80% of people who wear glasses do not have adequate sun (see UV) protection!

Having effective and fashonable sunwear should be a MUST for wearers of prescription eyeglasses. Yes, even in our perpetually grey and rainy climate. UV light rays are not deterred by fluffy clouds; we are still at risk of UV exposure on overcast and cloudy days.

Prescription sunglasses are not just a Summer need, Winter in the NW also presents its own visual challenges for non-sunglass wearers. We experience many visual impairments such as reflected glare, blinding glare and bright sunlight. In the winter, the sun moves through the sky at a lower trajectory often shining directly into your eyes. There are also times when our roads have water on them (that nevers happens right?). If you are driving on a wet road and get a sun break that shines on the road ahead, we can become temporarily disabled due to the blinding glare.

While there are a number of different things that can impair our vision and eye health, having an effective pair of polarized sunglasses will eliminate many of those problems. A pair of polarized sunglasses provide 100% UV protection, eliminate blinding glare, not to mention that they look pretty stylish as well!

Please visit our Sun Technology page for more information on our primary sunwear brands and the many colors and features we offer in polarized sun lenses.

Independant Optician=More Choices for You!

Monday Feb. 7th, 2011

Love an independant opticial shop. There are very few of us left, and those of us that are left have to be continuously evolving. Being an independant optical shop, we have access to any product on the market. Which means more options for you, the customer; most people are surprised by the choices available to them. Many customers have no idea that there are more than one type of progressive lens, or more than one kind of anti-glare coating. When in actuality there are many different brands of progressive lenses and within those brands, many different families of lens styles.

Think of a lens manufacturer the same way you think of a car manufacturer. Each company has their full-size, mid-size and economy lines, and each comes with their own set of customizable options. When most progressive lens wearers think of a "no-line" bifocal they commonly refer to them as Varilux. However Varilux is just a brand name, very much like Honda or Nissan. Varilux has many different styles of lenses within that larger brand (Physio, Physio Enhanced, Comfort, Definity, Adaptar, Ellipse, and about 15 more!). Most don't know that and many may ask, "whats the difference between the lenses? Aren't they all the same?"

The answer is no, they are not all the same. Some Progressive lenses can be customized to fit each individual patient. They can have larger mid-range vision (i.e. for computer use), they can have larger near zones (for the avid reader). For the outdoor enthusiast, they can even have wider distance vision with less reading and mid-range. This new way of looking at lenses is something that has just emerged in the last 2 years. So most of you reading this, who are looking for a new Rx in the near future, haven't even had this kind of option with your current eyewear.

Commonly people think that an independant optical shop only offers tremendously expensive products. This is simply not the case. Often times we compete directly with the Lens Crafters and Binyons of the world. Remember that being independant, we are not constrained by corporate regulations. We have the freedom to purchase any product out there, which means we have access to very inexpensive options as well. Certainly if you want some of the newest cutting edge lens technologies you won't be finding them for $49 per pair. In this business you get what you pay for. If you have glasses made in an hour and got 2 pair for $99, dont expect to have customized progressive lenses fit for your most optimal vision. But that also doesn't mean that the only way to get a quality pair of glasses is to spend the monthly house payment. Some of our favorite products to use are at the lower end of the competitve market. In fact, most would be surprised by how much they can save by coming to see us! We are consistently less expensive than our competetors and offer the same if not a more technologically superior product.

We are not a high-end boutique folks. We are in the business of making quality eyewear at a reasonable price. Sure we could sell you a pair of glasses for $900, but we could also offer you a pair for under $100 and anything in between. Depending on the lens options you desire, we can mix and match features to fit any budget. We also will stand behind any product we offer. If you need a tweek to your new Rx, we will remake your new lenses within 90 days for no charge and absolutly no hassle.

So don't be afraid to poke your head in and see what we are all about. We have been a family business for over 30 years in our same location, and we aren't going anywhere. Check out our quick google map directions on our "contact us" page, or feel free to call us and ask any questions you might have.

Thank you for supporting an independant optical shop!

"ECO" Eyewear Hits a Wal...Mart

Monday Aug. 23rd, 2010

After making a brief introduction in our shop, Eco Eyewear has been bought up and distributed by Wal-Mart...Needless to say, we will no longer be carrying the line of Eco frames. This is not simply an anti-Wal-Mart address; typically when a relatively exclusive eyewear collection is sold through the mainstream outlets, it makes it extremely difficult to compete as an independant optical shop.

We were notified that Wal-Mart was selling the same frames for less than the price that we could even buy them for from the company! That is what a large enough retailer can do to a small independant company. Not to say that this was the case, because Wal-Mart certainly didnt take on these frames to bury Lovejoy Opticians. But it just goes to show how small businesses get squeezed by large conglomerate companies.

Normally in these situations, we would completely discontinue business with the entire manufacturer. However the manufacturer contacted us promptly to notify us of this change, and offered to remove the collection and redistribute the frame cost to another line they carried (not carried by major retailers).

We will be introducing our latest collection "Modo" in the near future.
please check back for all of our new release info.
Thank you for your continued support

Introducing The New "Lovejoy Optimum"

Tuesday June 14th, 2010

Looking for better vision? Do you want the latest in free-form progressive lens technology for half the price? Welcome to the world of Lovejoy Opticians, where we bring you The "Lovejoy Optimum"; our newest progressive lens design created by Laramy-K Optical!

Our new progressive lens offers near flawless distance vision all the way to the edges of your lenses. Using cutting edge free-form surfacing methods, Laramy-K Optical has created the Lovejoy Optimum.

We are also pleased to be able to offer our newest product to everyone for the same price as a traditional progressive lens. We believe that by making this lens accessable to all, we are able to live up to our ethical responsibility...making the finest quality optical lenses and giving you the best vision possible from your new Rx.

The Lovejoy Optimum solves most of the problems associated with traditional progressive lenses. Many people find traditional progressive lenses distorted, having limited fields of vision, and causing some sort of disorientation. Being a free-form progressive design, the Lovejoy Optimum has been able to address all of these concerns and is making adapting to your new lenses easier than ever before.

There is no question throughout the optical industry that free-form progressives are a huge improvement over the traditional styles, but the main problem with getting the vast majority of the public wearing them is cost. However we have made it our top priority to be able to offer the absolute best quality free-form lenses at affordable prices. We feel that it is important for our customers to have the best vision possible without the outrageous price-tags.

Please come in and try this fantastic new lens and move your vision forward into the 21st century.

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